A prefectorial system is in operation at GNPS to inculcate a spirit of self governance and leadership qualities. The Prefectorial system with the School Head Boy and Head Girl and Discipline Incharges at the helm shoulders various responsibilities of effectively running the administration. The house system headed by House Captains and Prefects provides each child with supportive peer group structure in which every child imbibes the spirit of camaraderie and espirit de corps.

With the explosion in the world of knowledge and technological advancement, exposure to Mathematics has come to stay and is being provided to the students. It has been though expedient to impart theoretical knowledge of Maths from Std. I onwards so that they are able to find the solution to their problems when they go to higher classes, a Mathematics Lab fitted with latest apparatus and equipment is open to the students.

In the modern day technological development, exposure to computers has come to stay and is being provided to the students from Std. I onwards with the theoretical knowledge followed by practical handling of the computer. To keep in pace with globalization internet facility is also provided. The teachers are given special training in ERP & Ms-Office to bring in more efficiency.

To build up the scientific temper and train the students for a scientific approach to life, the school has modern well-equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories to cater the needs and requirements according to C.B.S.E. standards. The Labs with modern amenities and quality specimens and models help students solve the mysteries of Science. Science Exhibitions are organized from time to time.


The trained instructor and a music room with instruments such as Congo, Guitar, Synthesizer etc. is made available to the students. Students are encouraged to learn new skills to express their hidden talents effectively.


At Guru Nanak Public School special emphasis is laid on imparting training to the child to develop the art of public speaking. This helps the child not only to overcome the fear of the stage but also, he learns to hold his own in any gathering. Public speaking also goes a long way to help the child in his professional life as he grows up.


The house system plays an important role in the development of the personality of the student. All the students of the school-both boys and girls are divided into four houses : Beas, Chenab, Ravi and Setluj. A House Incharge assisted by House Captains and Vice Captains looks after the house. A team of students called Prefects takes on different responsibilities. Inter House Competitions are regularly held in the various fields of Cocurricular and extra curricular activities. These give the child ample opportunity to display his/her skills in the fields of poetry recitation, extempore, story telling, debate and declamation, quiz, singing, dancing, rangoli making, drawing and painting etc. Inter House Competitions are also held in Cricket, Football,Kho-Kho etc.


Games & Sports are given due importance in the school curriculum. In the field of games and sports the school has always been in the limelight. Category-wise participation in sports is mandatory. Students participate in Ludhiana Sahodaya School Complex Games, State Level Tournaments and National Games. The following sports facilities are provided: Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Table Tennis, Badminton.

The school believes the parents to be an important pillar in the overall development of the child. The school accordingly provides for regular parent teacher interactions, which are conducted in a scientific and planned manner. The parents can meet the Principal with prior appointment in her office to discuss their anxieties or suggestions relating to the school or their ward. The innovative feature of the involvement of parents is provided in the form of parent’s interactions with Experts in the field of education, health, psychology etc. as a result of which they are able to participate actively in the development of their wards.


In the age of cutthroat competition, the youth and adult of the day suffer from various types of tensions, conflicts and phobias. The impact of Western Culture has added to the woes of the youth and has caused a lot of confusions. Consequently, our Cultural Heritage, social skill and moral values have suffered a downward spiral. The youth needs to get rid of these influences and the school is the best place to help the youth to overcome these hurdles. A special period is devoted to moral, cultural & historical studies.


Keeping in view the over all personality development SMART CLASSROOM Technology is used as a teaching tool. Classrooms are equipped with display monitors, which are digitally connected to the knowledge centre which provide excellent teaching resources. It is of great help to students & keeps them well informed and creates an environment of introspection where a student can identify his own strong areas of interest. It also enhances understanding and concentration towards electronic media. It is definitely a step towards de-stressing the students.


Fully furnished library exists in school campus to provide a range of learning opportunities and is developed as a resource base to promote independent reading and lifelong learning.It is updated from time to time with weekly, fortnightly & monthly journals and daily newspapers. Recent publications are added pertaining to every subject


A well equipped Art room gives vent to the creativity, imagination and innovations to the students and also provides an opportunity to display their artistic skills.


Personalized and group counseling is given to the students on issues like : Personal hygiene, Drug abuse, HIV, AIDs, Gender equality to create awareness amongst them. In the fast changing trend many options are offered for earning a living. With the help of experts from respective field, we conduct career counseling sessions for the benefit of the students. Inspiring personalities are invited to the school to talk, interact and encourage our students.

Workshops & Seminars are conducted throughout the year to upgrade the teachers & make them aware of the new methods of teaching.


With the world becoming a global village, giving the students an opportunity to learn & know about the different cultures of the world the Youth For Understanding Programmeprovides a better platform to the students, managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs. Under this programme a German Student, Maria Kopp has come to study in our school and is staying here with a host family to learn about the different aspects of Indian Culture and family life. Two students of our school Sarabjot Singh and Jagjot Singh of class XI Non-medical had gone to Germany for a summer course under the programme. In this way YFU provides students a rare opportunity to know about the different cultures of the world.

Picnics, outings, study trips & educational tours are regularly organized for the students to provide a first hand exposure that supplements what is taught in the classroom.International Tours are also planned every year


School transport is available for Mullanpur and other neighbouring areas. The transportation charges depend on the distance from the school.